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Works In Progress

borrowed time

Borrowed Time

Unnamed Trilogy

Science Fiction

Book 1 - Complete

Set in Toronto, Canada with one major change (a technology that stops time), Borrowed Time follows Detective Alex Stokes and Officer Misako Aiko as they try to solve the mystery of an impossible terror attack. From opposite sides of the world and with very different pasts, trust and cooperation don’t come quickly, even with the ability to pause time whenever they need to.


Blood Dancer

Unnamed Trilogy


Book 1 - Complete

Little Shadow is the perfect assassin, a God-Touched killer with the ability to shape her own blood into razor-sharp weapons – among other things. Her home, a multi-level, domed city under a sun that turns flesh to metal, beats with a technological energy that powers the autonomous footsteps that echo on the metal floors. But, that’s one of the few sounds, as nobody can speak, and instead communicate with sign language based on music. In this broken world, when one of her missions puts her friends in danger, she’ll take on her most difficult jobs yet – saving lives instead of taking them.

The City that Chases the Sun.jpg

The City that Chases the Sun

Forthcoming Trilogy


Waiting for publication

A magical floating island following the sun around the world year after year, century after century. Solar powered magical tattoos. A subversive plot to drastically change the status quo. A prodigious main character with unprecedented potential – and his complete failure to use that potential.


Tempest Born



Waiting for publlication

In a world with a culture focused around drums and their beat, young Syl is dedicated to winning the annual dance competition, until tragedy strikes the quiet valley she calls home. Without warning, but with her friends beside her, she will need to defy the village’s rules – and the legends that’ve kept them safe for generations – to save her father from a brutal hunter stalking the woods.

Leaky Dreams.jpg

Leaky Dreams

Unnamed Trilogy

Science Fiction

Book 1 - Complete

Jake and Chris don’t have an easy job in Vancouver – it’s their responsibility to stop the dreams manifesting into reality. From people forgetting their homework to getting chased by something in the dark, Chris has pretty much seen it all in the 20+ years since dreams became reality. Jake, his young partner, is a Waking Dreamer, able to manifest his own dreams when the situation necessitates. Together, they wake sleepers and save lives, until suddenly people stop waking up, and the dreams take on a more sinister edge than ever. And then there’s the clowns…

Other projects in the works:

- Untitled Western – Standalone Novel – Psychic Cowboys. Nuff said. 

- Broken Peace – The fine line between what is real and what isn’t.

- Fatespun – Extension of short by the same name, where ‘Luck’ is magic.

- The Libra Effect – Gravity across the globe is failing. 

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