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Rune Seeker (2023)  

A Progression Fantasy litRPG

Hiral is the Everfail, the weakest person on the flying island of Fallen Reach. He trains harder than any warrior. Studies longer than any scholar.

But all his people are born with magic powered by the sun, flowing through tattoos on their bodies. Despite having enormous energy within, Hiral is the only one who can’t channel it; his hard work is worth nothing.

Until it isn’t.

In a moment of danger, Hiral unlocks an achievement with a special instruction: Access a Dungeon to receive a Class-Specific Reward.

It’s his first—and maybe last—chance for real power. Just one problem: all dungeons lay in the wilderness below the flying islands that humanity lives on, and there lay secrets and dangers that no one has survived.

New powers await, but so do new challenges. If he survives? He could forge his own path to power.

If he fails? Death will be the least of his problems

Tempest Born (2023)  

A Fantasy Novel

A rare predator, magic hidden within the pounding drums, a secret buried in history – the storm is coming.

Gathering for the annual festival on the eve of the rainy season, Syl and her friends are expecting a week of celebration, contest, and dance. For Syl, it’s her last chance to compete, but thoughts of victory quickly erode as a mauled body turns up.

An unseen monster stalks the forest, and the killing has just begun.

This monster, though, may not be what everybody thinks it is, strange voices tickling Syl’s ears, while raw emotions of hate and destruction assault her mind. As she begins to wonder if she might be crazy, an unexpected encounter with the predator brings with it a new sound – the faint beating of distant drums, like thunder on the horizon. Guided by the traditional dance, the deadly meeting becomes a new hope for answers. Except, escape doesn’t mean survival, and the predator isn’t finished with Syl just yet.

Tempest Born cover

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Spark of War (2022)  

A Fantasy Novel

El has trained all her life to do two things – to fly the skies on wings of roaring flames, and to burn her enemies to the ground. Now, having graduated the academy, she’s ready to do both those things.

…until she’s dispatched in the opposite direction of the war effort. To a city named after vegetables of all things. Seriously, who names a place after those? But, despite it being a routine mission, El and her unit find a new enemy waiting for them. One who isn’t afraid of a little fire.

With the war now on two fronts, El and her friends must use every spark of magic they have in a high-flying gambit against an enemy bearing a truth that threatens her faith – and a choice that threatens her nation.

And, if she’s lucky, maybe she’ll even find a good sandwich along the way. That’d be a real win.

Against the Night (2021)  


The world ended; the Night killed it.

X, poor and illiterate, is trapped living in the Slums of the last remaining city, only venturing out beyond the towering walls to scavenge relics of the old world when the sun is up. At night, like everybody else, he hides inside from the lethal shadows, until an unexpected death happens a little too close to home. Now, with the blame on his shoulders, and trigger-happy guards on his trail, X has no choice but to run.

But, the city was never a safe place to begin with, not really, and his only slim chance of survival lies outside the walls, in a landscape empty of humanity – and full of the shadows that wiped it out.



After the end of X’s race against the forces chasing him, the spark of revolution takes hold back in Haven. Tired of the oppressive rule of the Arbiters and the inequality between Slummers and Inners, young Gem takes her fight to the guards as a member of the rebellion.


But, dangerous secrets lurk within the tall walls of the city, and things much worse than greed and corruption wait for the idealistic fighters. If Gem and her friends want a chance at bringing real change to Haven, they’ll need to risk their lives, and those of every Slummer, against the oppressive regime – and a new threat taking shape down the dark alleys.


Nobody expected the rebellion to lead to where it did – or for the status quo to change so drastically. But, it did, and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces. Now, where old friends were lost, new alliances form in hopes of surviving the resurgent Night that wiped out humanity centuries before.

With insatiable hunters stalking the streets and death waiting in every shadow, the people’s best chance may lie with two surprising, and untested, leaders – if they can live long enough to see the sun.

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