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Rune Seeker (2023)

Hiral is the Everfail, the weakest person on the flying island of Fallen Reach. He trains harder than any warrior. Studies longer than any scholar.

But all his people are born with magic powered by the sun, flowing through tattoos on their bodies. Despite having enormous energy within, Hiral is the only one who can’t channel it; his hard work is worth nothing.

Until it isn’t.

Rune Seeker cover

Royal Road Reader

What makes this story so good? Compelling premise, complex characters, rich setting, plenty of intrigue, realistic interactions, and a refreshing take on a magic system. It's tons of fun, at a great pace.
(Rune Seeker) 

Amazon Reader

Mr. Thompson's story was intriguing and so different from my usual genre... He drew me in by writing an interesting, action packed, thrilling horror adventure with down to earth (or not) characters.
(Against the Night: Worthless)

Yonder Reader

Best book I've read in a while
(Tempest Born)
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